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Dr. Reckeweg R17 Tumor Drops 22 ml (Pack of 2)
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Dr. Reckeweg R17 Tumor Drops 22 ml (Pack of 2)



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All tumours, malignant or benign, carcinomata. Regenerator of diseased tissues (tuberculous ulceration). Growths and eczema affecting external and internal organs. Inflammatory and tropic rashes. Anomalous epithelial growths, formation of scales and warts.


For all tumours, malignant or benign, carcinomata

Regenerator of diseased tissues (tuberculous ulceration)

Product Details:
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Label Information:
Ingredients: Mode of action of main Ingredients: Naja tripudians: Regenerator of diseased tissues, suppresses carcinomatous growths, increases the defensive forces of the organism. Skin swellings caused by tumours and eschars, slow formation of pus, attenuation and diminution of pus. Affections of the serous skin, the muscles and the mucous membranes. In tumours the surrounding skin is swollen with slow formation of pus Scrophularia nodosa: Carcinomata, glandular swellings of a cancerous nature. Appearance of malignant and benign lumps in the breast, growing slowly into tumours. Stomach ulcers with a cancerous tendency. Myomae, uterine carcinomata, epithelial and scirrhous tumours.
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 2.5 ( 6 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

3Too late to be usedOct 07, 2012
By Nick
I honestly cannot give a fair review to this product. We ordered it to use on our Greyhound who had a large tumor appear on her front leg. We ordered the product, and it took a little over a month to arrive. By the time we received it, our girl had passed away. I t may be great, but be aware of suppliers being in India, it's not fast to get it. I don't know what all their policies are there, but in with the product were copies of a gentleman's passport and official papers. We'll hold onto it in case we need something like this again in the future. I do recall seeing that standard shipping may take awhile, but nothing that indicated it was coming from Ayurvedic Market in India, I thought it was a US vendor.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

4Seems to work.Mar 08, 2013
By J. Goldman "ca2stay"
My dog has osteosarcoma in her hip. She has good days and bad - especially when it's raining and cold. I started using R17 in early January along with other herbs and Glucosamine. She seems to respond well. Time will tell if the R17 makes a difference.

2Will Never KnowJun 25, 2013
By Margaret Baertson "MAB"
I am giving this product two stars due to the very LONG shipping time. This product was highly recommended on the canine cancer site, but sadly, my reason for ordering will not make it to product delivery. This may have miraculous healing powers. I suggest to anyone with aging dogs; especially Labs or Retrievers, to order this way in advance. At this price, it can't hurt to have on hand and hopefully never needed.

1too little too lateJan 12, 2014
By Janis Lamberty
I received Dr. Reckewegs R17 tumor drops so late that I forgot I had even ordered them! They came with no instructions. I looked up the recommended dosage and gave as directed. My precious dog Beau's bone cancer was so advanced at this point that they didn't seem to have any effect good or bad on his progress. I will never order from this site again!

4drops for my sweet dog. i trustFeb 19, 2014
By julia seresne farkas
i give it to my dog - still she is fine. I can not have more opinion. I trust that this is fine

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